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How to Get Your Advanced Premium Tax Credit
The new Advanced Premium Tax Credit helps qualifying individuals and families offset the cost of health insurance premiums.  Certain individuals and families may also qualify for extra help with deductibles and copayments.  If you can answer NO to all of the following questions, then your family may qualify for a tax credit:

  • Does your employer offer health insurance?
  • Do you receive Medicare or Do you qualify for Medicaid?
  • Does your household income exceed the amount below in a year?

Family Size - Household Income:
1 - $45,960
2 - ​$62,040
3 - $78,120
4 - $94,200
5 - $110,280
6 - $126,360

If you don't think you will qualify for a tax credit, consider purchasing a health insurance plan "Off Exchange".  

Step 1:
Contact Erickson Financial Services, Inc., using the "Request Connect for Health Colorado Quote" form to the right.  We will create your account with Connect for Health Colorado, and send you a login invitation.  ** Creation of an account does not obligate you to make a health insurance purchase.

Step 2:
Login to Connect for Health Colorado.  Complete the Medicaid (PEAK) application.  All tax credit applicants must be denied by Medicaid first.  This process can take anywhere from 0-45 days for completion.  We recommend that you get started right away if you want to complete your enrollment before March 31st, 2014.  2015 applicants must not apply and be denied for Medicaid any earlier than October 1, 2014.

Step 3:
Contact us when you have your Case Number (Denial Number) from Medicaid.  This number begins with "1B".  This number is required in order to complete the tax credit application.  We will help you complete your tax credit credit application, find out the exact amount of tax credit you are eligible for, offer plan suggestions, and help you choose a plan.

Step 4:
Enroll.  The actual enrollment step only takes a few short minutes!  We are available to guide you through the process.  Please let us help eliminate any sources of confusion or uncertainty.  We can walk you through this process and tell you exactly what to expect so that you know everything was done right!

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